Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yan's test results!

I thought I would post an update for everyone that prayed for Yan's tests. I just got off the phone with the neurologist...they did not catch any seizures during the test (which they really didn't think because she appears to have them very infrequently). However, they noted some "Slow posterior background"...which means some slower brain activity during the resting phase. He said that this is typical of kids with Down Syndrome or other developmental delays.

He said, they could either proceed with admitting her to the hospital for a 48-72 hour test (yeah, cause that would be so much fun), but that since they are coming so infrequently they could still not get anything. If they found them present they would recommend medication. So, he/I opted to monitor. I just don't think that I want to put her through that again, and I don't really want to try medication for something this infrequent. I hope that is the right decision...I guess I will just have to wait and see. Thanks for the prayers!:


Amber said...

YAY!!!! No hospital stay is ALWAYS a good thing!
I'm so glad nothing "showed up"...I hope that brings some comfort to you. ;^)

Mrs. Garner said...

Been missing your blog and just checked in. Sorry about the sleepless night; I'm in the same club ;) Glad test results were A-Okay!

Eileen and the Garner boys