Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Well, I've neglected my blog due to the very busy last month...but thought I would post a Christmas message for everyone! The pictures are of my little drama queen posing for the "Christmas Card" picture (which now will be the "New Years" picture). She always adds her own flair to it; her favorite thing to do right now is turn her back to the camera, then when she sees the flash go off, she turns around and smiles sweetly...little stinker!

We hope that everyone is having a very Merry Christmas! Yan got pretty sick this last week, but it looks like she is perking up in time for fun Christmas activities. We're going to a friends' house tonight for food, fellowship and music, and will spend a quiet day at home tomorrow.

As another year comes to a close, about all I can say is "God is good". There have been many changes, many trials, but also endless blessings. I am so grateful for Yan, her boundless joy and the blessing she is to me. I'm grateful for the family and friends that have stuck by me through everything. I'm most grateful for Christ, who has never left my side. As I think about His humble beginnings, I am really in awe. Since becoming a parent, just the thought of Mary knowing that her baby had the sole purpose of living and dying to save the world, brings me to tears. I cannot imagine what she went she she wrestled with this knowledge. I can't imagine what Jesus went through knowing this...I just cannot imagine.

I pray that during this busy Christmas time, we pause and try to reflect, try to imagine what Christ did and what it means to us. It alone provides us with life, salvation, and provision for our lives!

Love you all!
Jenn (& Yan)