Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Need to post something good now...

so here is my little Asian beauty!!! :-)

Didn't mean for this to be venting week...

but this stopped me in my tracks!! And people wonder why I homeschool???

If you are as outraged as I am, feel free to send all the board members an email. Their email addresses are:

[email][/email] <>, [email][/email] <>, [email][/email] <>, [email][/email] <>, [email][/email] <>, [email][/email] <>

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Vent and a note to all Churches!

Okay, I'm just venting...I have been a bit stressed out lately and just feel like I need a little time to myself right now. I love being with Yan, I love homeschooling, I would not want it any other way-but sometimes I need a break too.

So, I was really excited when I saw that a little church right down the street from us is scheduled to have Vacation Bible School next week. It is for ages 4 through 4th grade. Well, I called and asked about getting Yan in. They said, "Well, you would want to stay with her, right?" I said, no-she is fine going into the church nursery alone. But then they informed me, they are not "equipped" to deal with pull-ups. So, yep-since she is not all the way potty trained, she can't go. If our churches cannot change a pull-up the odds of us changing the world are very slim! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

Churches, take note!! Do you really want to change the world? Start by helping those in your own congregations and communities who have special needs! Do you know how many parents of kids with special needs don't attend because of the way they are treated and not supported? The numbers are staggering! These families need help! They need support! They need to see that Jesus does care about them...just because they can't be involved in every activity...just because they cannot serve on every committee or go on every retreat (because they can't leave their child with just anyone)...they still need to see Jesus!

This really angers me and breaks my heart-mainly because it is so far from the heart of Christ. Christ always reached out to those in need. He hugged the children, He healed the sick, He was "all about" the weak...and yet we shun them. We make them feel like they are outcasts.... Something is incredibly wrong with this picture!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Well, Yan is finally letting me take videos of her-and I'm completely taking advantage of it! Before, I would get the camera out and she would instantly drop what she was doing to come look at the camera with me. :-) So, enjoy lots of short video clips! Hugs, Jenn

Friday, May 23, 2008


Tonight we went to the visitation for Maria Sue Chapman. Though it was a long wait (they are very loved) it was good to at least give everyone a hug. I was a proud mama as I watched Yan go to everyone (well at least she jumped into the arms of all the men) and give them great big hugs. It makes me beam to watch the joy that springs from her and I am so glad that I am her mom!

Please, please, please continue to pray for the Chapman's. I'm honestly tearing up again just thinking about the pain they have to endure. I went through so much grief losing mom and dad and I would never wish that on anyone...but to have it be your child, your 5 year old sister-that's just unimaginable. I just feel like standing in the gap, praying for them is what we need to do. As a Christian I feel like satan would love nothing more than to destroy a family like this...stop the message of Christ from reaching others, stop the children from being saved from other countries.... And that just infuriates me. I just pray that through this their message is not lost, and hope is not forgotten. I will continue to pray!! Will you?

On a side note, there was a wonderful meeting tonight...I got to meet Angie and Todd from this fabulous blog: I got to hug Angie in person and it felt like she was an old friend. You can see the love of Christ beaming from her and it is wonderful to see peace in the midst of her grieving process. Our prayers continue to be with her and her family.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Please Pray...

We are totally heartbroken over the loss that the Chapman family has endured this week. Maria Sue Chapman went to be with Jesus on May 22nd after a tragic accident in the families driveway. Please lift them up in your prayers! While I'm sure it is good to have a lot of support, it has to be difficult to grieve in the public eye. Just pray that God's peace, comfort and protection surrounds them and that satan gains no footholds through this difficult time.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Yan Yan video clip!!!!

Yan is trying her hardest to say new words daily. So on Mother's Day I decided to try and get a clip of her saying a few of her favorites. Hopefully it will show up right.