Friday, August 19, 2011

Please HELP!!!

I don't know if anyone still reads my blog, but if you do, please consider helping this little girl!

She is 11 years old and weighs only 10 pounds!! She needs to have her ransom paid and find her forever family! Almost $20,000 has been raised during the last day, but let's finish it!

They are giving out so many prizes for anyone who donates. No amount is too small!

Thank you! Jenn

Monday, August 8, 2011

Wanna win?

I know I haven't posted in forever...but I will soon!

In the meantime, do you want to win a $25 Sam's Club gift card? Enter my friend's give-a-way!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yan's 10th Birthday!

I realize I am WAY behind in updating the blog. I tend to post pictures on facebook regularly, but forget to put them on here. I thought I would post some of Yan's 10th birthday. We had a party at home with her friends and she had a BLAST! She has grown so makes me sad and happy at the same time. I don't want to lose these young days, but it's amazing watching her grow into a little lady. Here are a few pictures.

Hmmmm...I'm missing the rest of them, will try to post more later. :-) Jenn

Monday, March 14, 2011

The way God speaks

One thing I like about the way God speaks is the way He uses our everyday circumstances.  I remember beginning the adoption process for Yan and I was amazed at how He used each stage to teach me a new truth about Him.  I find myself reminded of these truths as I begin again. 

I once read a passage, I believe it was from "Brennan Manning" where he was talking about our Papa, our Abba Father, Christ.  He, like myself, found himself easily distracted and sometimes even unable to focus on God when he was trying to simply pray.  I am CONSTANTLY DISTRACTED...I try to remind myself that I must focus on only one thing at a time.  Brennan compared this situation to a little toddler who crawled up on his father's lap.  He was gibbering at his dad one second, then the next he was crawling down to look at something shiny or new that caught his attention.  His reminder was, do you think that the Father cared or loved his child any less because he was distracted?  No, he simply delighted in his child...he was thrilled to hold him, watch him, dote over him.  And just think, that dad wasn't even perfect.  Our Heavenly Father rejoices over us.  He takes pride in our every movement, our every step.  He loves us-He's adopted us-He rejoices over us!  We are so blessed!

Watch this amazing reminder of God's adoption and why we reach out to adopt others.  :-)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It is time to build the ark

It is obvious that I took a little hiatus from the world of blogging.  It's been a busy season and I just wasn't motivated to write on a regular basis.  However, I hope that I can use the blog to chronicle this next journey.

Sometimes God speaks to us at strange times and when we least expect it.  I'm guilty of hearing His voice and trying to figure out how He will choose to do things.  But the bottom line is, we don't think like He does.  He knows best and when we obey and trust Him He can work out more than we could ever imagine.  I find myself in that spot one more time.  I have waited and waited to begin the adoption process again, but it seemed like there were so many obstacles in my way.  But I've heard the call, and I've heard Him say "It's time" finally I feel I can take a leap of faith once again.

I'm writing to ask for your prayers for this journey.  I'm following my heart and going where I feel God is leading, but I do not really understand how He will orchestrate all of it.  Will you pray?  Pray for guidance and direction, pray for my heart and Yan's heart to be prepared for the next steps and pray for my child or children, wherever they are. 

I'm going to start to do some preliminary fund raising work.  Adoption is not cheap, and to be honest, I'm not in the place to afford it...but I know He will provide.  A friend reminded me that I could begin "building my ark".  Noah didn't wait until he saw the rain before he started work on the ark.  He worked while the land was dry (and he was 600 years old, praise God I'm not quite that old yet) and obeyed and trusted in God.  I will obey, I will trust...and I AM VERY EXCITED!  I cannot wait to see what this season holds.  God is always good and I'm sure He has an amazing story to write here.  I will update as I can.

Many blessings, Jenn

Sunday, September 5, 2010

God cares about glasses

I love that God cares about everything! Yan's glasses were missing and she was desperately searching for them. We looked everywhere. So we stopped to pray. Stood up from praying and leaned on Yan's bed and her glasses fell out to the floor (they were apparently wedged under her mattress because she tries to put them on in the night if she wakes up). You should have seen her eyes. God just showed Himself to her. He is so good!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Switching things up!

I haven't blogged in a long time.  Don't know that I want to write out long stories right now.  I'm going to switch things up and just start posting little snippets of life with Yan, my thoughts, etc.  I often post these on facebook, but would like to keep them somewhere where I can have more of a record of things.  I want to remind myself how good my life is and how blessed I am to have a funny little girl in it each and every day. 

Today's funny...

Yan was walking towards me and carrying "Sugar" (the beloved stick horse) horizontally. She accidentally hit a little boy in the head with his stick. I told her and she immediately turned around and gave him a great big kiss where he got hit. Unfortunately "he" was the stick horse. Must work on directing compassion... to the right place/people! So wrong, but oh how I love that girl!