Friday, January 15, 2010

Yes, we are still alive!

I realize I totally dropped the ball on the blog...but really, how many people are still reading? :-) We are still alive and kicking. It has just been a very busy time. I also find myself posting little things on Facebook, but just don't get over here to post.

Christmas was great. I sold toys again online and stayed busy. Yan seems to love each Christmas better than the last one. She loves the tree, lights and especially the presents. I think she loves opening them more than anything. She loves anticipation, the magic, the surprise. She is definitely not bogged down by "things"-it's more about the experience.

My little girl turns 9 tomorrow! I.CANNOT.BELIEVE.IT! How does the time go so quickly? I still think of her as that teeny little toddler that was still uneasy on her feet. She has grown and blossomed; and honestly, I cannot imagine life without her.

Right now we're having a friend here for the weekend. Yan is having so much fun playing, rough housing and yes-being bossy! They both fell asleep next to each other-so sweet!

I'll post a couple of pics here...and will TRY to get her birthday pictures loaded quickly. Jenn