Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Vent and a note to all Churches!

Okay, I'm just venting...I have been a bit stressed out lately and just feel like I need a little time to myself right now. I love being with Yan, I love homeschooling, I would not want it any other way-but sometimes I need a break too.

So, I was really excited when I saw that a little church right down the street from us is scheduled to have Vacation Bible School next week. It is for ages 4 through 4th grade. Well, I called and asked about getting Yan in. They said, "Well, you would want to stay with her, right?" I said, no-she is fine going into the church nursery alone. But then they informed me, they are not "equipped" to deal with pull-ups. So, yep-since she is not all the way potty trained, she can't go. If our churches cannot change a pull-up the odds of us changing the world are very slim! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

Churches, take note!! Do you really want to change the world? Start by helping those in your own congregations and communities who have special needs! Do you know how many parents of kids with special needs don't attend because of the way they are treated and not supported? The numbers are staggering! These families need help! They need support! They need to see that Jesus does care about them...just because they can't be involved in every activity...just because they cannot serve on every committee or go on every retreat (because they can't leave their child with just anyone)...they still need to see Jesus!

This really angers me and breaks my heart-mainly because it is so far from the heart of Christ. Christ always reached out to those in need. He hugged the children, He healed the sick, He was "all about" the weak...and yet we shun them. We make them feel like they are outcasts.... Something is incredibly wrong with this picture!


The Feasters said...

I hear you!!! This kind of behavior burns me up. I might be inclined to send the pastor a note about what happened and how easy it would be for them to open their arms to Yan and others with special needs, though I hardly think pull-ups are a special need. You may not want her to go there now; I probably wouldn't but maybe it would open up their eyes a little bit. I wish we lived closer; I'd love to be able to give you a much deserved break and hang out with Yan. She's such a fun kid!!! Miss you guys.

LaLa said...

OH I am so sorry about this...how ridiculous! We live relatively close so let me know if I can help. Not sure she would stay with me anyway but maybe Annslee and I could just come hang out and give you some "adult" time...ha ha

Heather said...

I am so sorry to hear this! I think you should send that letter to the church! People make decisions often without really understanding the other side of the picture, and you should let them know. That doesn't have to be nasty, it's a good thing!

I'm sorry I am not closer, I would definitely have a playdate here so you could get some alone time.

Gigi said...

Hi Jenn,
Please connect with us! We would love to meet Yan and have her come aboard with our parent night out this June 11th. We have a great time with our special needs children! We are the ones who benefit and we are honored if children come and be with us. I am sorry for your experience. We, as the Body, are all learning and we need to be educated. Blessings to you and Yan! Gigi

Melissa Irwin said...

OH gosh...I am so sorry that this was your expereience. Urghhh.

Anonymous said...

Jenn, I so with you on this. This is truly my passion - to get churches to see the special families in their communities and to reach out to them.

It will change. It has to.

Much love to you and Yan!

Jill Johnson said...

Amen, Jenn! I just read through some of your posts now that I've found your blog. My boyfriend's daughter is autistic, and he's faced this time and again. One church just plain told him they couldn't "deal with" his daughter as they couldn't find one person to volunteer to be her helper on Sunday mornings. Needless to say, he never set foot back in that church. And it was fairly large. The tiny church he led worship in for awhile ALWAYS had multiple people ASKING to help with his daughter. They loved her and their hearts grew in the process. It's his passion to see special needs ministries built and grown in churches just as it's mine to plant adoption and orphancare ministries. I pray more churches will awake to the needs of special needs families as they are keeping so many families out of the church since they don't feel welcomed and helped.