Friday, May 23, 2008


Tonight we went to the visitation for Maria Sue Chapman. Though it was a long wait (they are very loved) it was good to at least give everyone a hug. I was a proud mama as I watched Yan go to everyone (well at least she jumped into the arms of all the men) and give them great big hugs. It makes me beam to watch the joy that springs from her and I am so glad that I am her mom!

Please, please, please continue to pray for the Chapman's. I'm honestly tearing up again just thinking about the pain they have to endure. I went through so much grief losing mom and dad and I would never wish that on anyone...but to have it be your child, your 5 year old sister-that's just unimaginable. I just feel like standing in the gap, praying for them is what we need to do. As a Christian I feel like satan would love nothing more than to destroy a family like this...stop the message of Christ from reaching others, stop the children from being saved from other countries.... And that just infuriates me. I just pray that through this their message is not lost, and hope is not forgotten. I will continue to pray!! Will you?

On a side note, there was a wonderful meeting tonight...I got to meet Angie and Todd from this fabulous blog: I got to hug Angie in person and it felt like she was an old friend. You can see the love of Christ beaming from her and it is wonderful to see peace in the midst of her grieving process. Our prayers continue to be with her and her family.



Heather said...

Praying here as well.

LaLa said...

Standing in the gap with you. I follow Angie's site as well...amazing faith and strength.