Friday, July 18, 2008

My little Fighter!

My daughter is a fighter...I realize that this is what helped get her through open heart surgery and so many other situations and will probably take her far in life; but today, it has worn me out. We went for the EEG this morning. I had told that dr. that she would not be cooperative, but no, he said that the nurses are great and used to it-they would take care of it.

2 hours of almost solid kicking and screaming. She was wrapped in 3 blankets, had 3 people holding her (I was one) and she still managed to get her hands out the top. By the end of it, she had like an abrasion on the top from thrashing her head on the towel, and had burst blood vessels all over her face from screaming. She finally stopped screaming and they were able to do the strobe light part and the quiet part, but she would never go to sleep.

This was not some rinky dink hospital...this was Vanderbilt Children's...the nurse looked at me and said, "Who knew that one 7 year old LITTLE girl could be so strong?" and then said, "I don't mean this in a bad way, but she is THE worst patient that I have EVER had! NEVER let them schedule another test without sedation!" :-(

She is so sensitive to every touch and every move-I feel like a horrible mom for making her go through it-but it was not painful. I try not to ask them to sedate her because of her heart condition; but will have to from now on. I'm going to go give her a bath, because she's covered in electrode glue, and then we are going to bed!


Amber said...

I am soooo sorry.....these crazy people just don't get it! I so need more information on her heart, now that I have a heart baby of my own, maybe I will understand hers a bit better....were they able to get good results??? After all that madness, I would hope so!

Jenn said...

Thanks! They don't get it, and they don't listen to me when I try to warn them.

Yan's heart...she was born with a large hole in her upper and lower chamber, and a valve on the top, which was one piece, instead of two (I think that's how they described it). They did open heart surgery at 2 months. However, she was in the hospital for 6 months. On days like today, it makes me wonder what she had to go through during those 6 mommy to stick up for her. :-(

As for results, I don't know what they got, the doctor is supposed to call in 3-4 days. They were able to do the "strobe light" part (in which I had to cover my head and bury my eyes to not introduce a retinal migraine :-) and the resting part, but she would not go to sleep (go figure).

Just very frustrating!

LaLa said...

Oh, I am so sorry for both of you! I hope you are able to use the results so it wasn't all for nothing.

The Feasters said...

I have a fighter just like that too! I can relate to the blood vessels bursting; Benji looks like he has a horrible rash/disease anytime after he's been held down. Ohhhhh, that nurse!! The only word to describe her comment is "clueless". (o.k. that's not the only way, but the nicest one I could come up with :o) She really seems to have no idea how much distress poor Yan was in. I really hope you get some good test results.

Jenny said...

I am sure the two of you are exhausted. Hope you both got some much needed sleep.

I completely agree with the previous commenter. "Clueless" is being really nice when it comes to that nurse. Hats off to you for not retaliating back at her. I usually avoid confrontation, but I am not sure I would have let that comment go. :)