Friday, July 25, 2008

Our Special Shopping Trip

I meant to post last night, but was too tired. Yesterday "Harris Teeter" (local grocery store) started triple coupons for three days (they do it about once every three months and triple up to 99 you can save mega dough).

Anyway, Yan and I were making our rounds and were going down an aisle. I was pushing the cart out of the aisle as a woman came and blocked me, at first I thought she was with a friend and they were bantering, but then realized that they were in the middle of the fight. Their discourse went like this:

Woman 1: You better BACK OFF and stop following me!
Woman 2: Oh no, cause I'm PRESSING CHARGES!

Then I see taser in woman 2's then occurs to me to finally back off and get away before Yan or I get hurt. Thankfully a manager came out a back door and was able to "assist them". Alledgedly, woman 1 ran into woman 2 with her cart-leaving a mark. So woman 2 whipped out her taser and fired it at woman 1's cart...thankfully getting the cart and not the woman.
Does it scare anyone else that people are carrying tasers with them to bargain shop???? Geesh, I'll be careful who I run my carts into from now on! :-)

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Heather said...

Holy cow! Yes, that is frightening to me!