Friday, August 29, 2008

Reason for heartbreak

I didn't know whether I should post or not earlier, but have decided to so that others can lift this family up in prayer.

One area that we are so richly blessed with here is the wonderful adoption community. Everywhere I turn I get to see little ones with their families through the miracle of adoption.

However, when tragic situations hit-it is hard on the whole adoption community. It seems that recently there have been many situations and losses, that leave us wondering why. Recently a family just moved to town. They had adopted a beautiful daughter from China who is now 5 and 2 months ago were able to bring their second wonderful daughter home, age 2, also from China.

Little Anna was full of life and a true gift from God. She had a known heart condition, but the family knew this and was armed with a medical team to help her. Monday Anna went in for a "routine" heart catheritization procedure...unfortunately her little heart had a lot more damage than anyone knew...things went bad and they lost Anna on the table for 45 minutes. They were able to revive her and had her on a bypass machine and life support. Wednesday afternoon they ran tests and found that the neurological damage done was extensive...they removed her from life support and she passed away about 10 minutes later in her mommy's arms.

My heart is breaking for them for the loss of their Angel. They began a prayer blog that also has posts from Anna's amazing mom, Jo.

Please lift them up in your prayers as they walk through this painful journey. Please pray that Anna's life will be a legacy and catalyst for other children to come home and for Christ to draw them to Himself. Thank you.


LaLa said...

I hope you don't mind but I linked to this post on my blog asking for prayers for them. You wrote about it so much more eloquently than I could have. I am just so sad for them

Jenn said...

I don't mind at all...they need all the prayers they can get!

Christine said...

I am so sorry about little Anna.