Thursday, August 21, 2008

Could it be? My dream Christmas???

No, I haven't won the lottery or anything like that. I don't even know if anyone else thinks about these things...but I am such a Christmas person. I love Christmas...heck, I had a mother who one year left the tree up the whole year, and other years it was nothing if she put it up in July. :-)

When I became a mom I was so excited to make Christmas a magical time in our home. However, Yan had just come home and was still in shock and very overwhelmed. I'll admit I went (slightly ;-) overboard purchasing presents and toys that surrounded the tree. She got up on Christmas morning, opened up a couple things she loved and didn't even want to open the rest. It literally took days to get her to open it all.

I don't want it to be just about the gifts...I want to give her the full meaning of Christmas; but it is just an amazing time of year! I have strong, wonderful memories of being a little girl and thinking constantly of dolls, babies, anything that had to do with being a mommy. I remember walking down the aisle at the newly opened "Toys'r'Us" by "Glenbrook Square" and feeling like I was in doll heaven. I peered up at the shelves that seemed to go on forever and saw nothing but doll accesories. That Christmas it was all about the clothes, new dolls, baby accessories. It was amazing!

Which brings me to yesterday's events. I needed to stop at "Toys'r'Us" to look for a toy for Yan was with me and we ran in to look around. During the last few months she has become obsessed with babies (and yes, I am now watching babies for a full-time job that starts Monday-thank you Lord! ;-)...she walked in and saw the aisles of baby stuff and literally started squealing with delight. She was going from one baby thing to another trying to touch them, signing and saying "baby", "awwww", "cry" (there were babies that cried), etc. There was a glimmer in her eyes. Can I just will be a "BABY CHRISTMAS" at the Cullimore house. I get to relive my childhood once again...I cannot wait. 4 months, 4 days until Christmas!! WOOHOOOO!!!


The Feasters said...

You crack me up!! I too, love Christmas and would love to see Yan ripping into all the baby stuff!! Get some good video of that, o.k?

Amber said...

I am so excited for you but...did you have to post how close it is????? :^)

Heather said...

oh how exciting!!! i love christmas as well...the magic of the season!

Angela said...

awwwwwwwww Yan MUST HAVE LOTS OF DOLL BABIES this year!!!!!!!!!! HOW FUN!!!!! :)

Jenny said...

It is soo much fun buying that first special doll. Jaidyn's is actually an American Girl Bitty Baby thrift store find. She loves that doll. I am planning on getting Addy one for Christmas too.

Do you think you can hold out 4 more months?