Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Olympics

I've fallen behind in my blogging...partially because in the evenings I have been glued to the Olympics. I must admit, I really enjoy (most) of them. I've also enjoyed seeing so many fascinating blurbs about China (some good, some sad).

Yan has enjoyed watching many of the events as well. She cheers almost non-stop. I taped a little blurb of her watching diving this evening. Hope you enjoy it!

We've had lots of happenings here at home. I had a brand new job that I thought I was going to start (at an elementary school-Yan was going to attend as well). However, it fell of those, huh?, why? moments. So, I'm regrouping a bit and have begun to offer full-time child care from home. I think it will be good, at least for this season. I've also begun homeschooling Yan-she is enjoying our "school" time.

I love that homeschooling allows me to really give her what she needs, when she needs it. Tonight we were working on letters, she was trying...but literally would stare at the letter for 30 seconds to a minute before she could remember the name of it. I just waited and was amazed at how many she got correct!! I'm praying that it's a wonderful year for her...hopefully she will be reading a bit by the end of it. :-)


Amber said...

These are the posts I live for...not the job thing...boooooo..but Yan! Cheering!! I love her happy world!!! Her hair is soooooo long..does she let you play with it?

Jenn said...

Yes, she's full of joy! And yes, she lets me do her hair all the time now. I usually have it in ponytails or braids. She still cheers at the end of the day when she gets to take her hair down-but I think she enjoys it up too.

I love her happy world too!

Rhonda said...

Sorry to hear about your job. Yan seems to be enjoying the olympics as much as you!! Loved you saying "Good Job". I say that with Zech all the time. He can kinda say it and signs it to me a lot(like when I've changed his diaper). Thanks for sharing.

Cindy said...

Ugh..sory to hear that the job fell, it's childcare...that's great you can stay home with Yan and give her the attention and help she deserves, anyway!