Monday, August 4, 2008

Brain in overdrive!

There are some days that I am simply amazed by Yan's problem solving abilities and was one of them. I fully admit that on some things I give her a bit more freedom than I possibly should...but I'm always nearby...and honestly I love seeing what she comes up with.

This morning she apparently woke up and thought she was 16 years old and at least 5 feet tall. She woke up early and came to my room. I was (mostly) awake, but couldn't yet drag myself out of bed. The first thing Yan did, as she almost always does, was to go around and turn on the lights. Well, today the hallway light burnt blew right as she turned it on. She ran back to my room and said, "SORRY"...she's so cute, she didn't know it wasn't her fault. Then, my dear daughter went and got my camera, she took one picture of my office, then went out in the hallway and took a picture of the light that burnt out (why, I'm still not sure, but apparently she was very bothered by the light). Next, I heard clanging metal...she went into the laundry room, and drug out the step ladder to the hallway where she was trying to set it up to change the lightbulb. I stepped in at this point. :-) Though she often doesn't know her limitations, you gotta give the girl props for trying! I love her!

This evening she chose to not use her planning skills for good. We had finished dinner and I was sitting on the couch looking at a new "Super Duper" catalog that came in the mail today. She came over to see it, but decided she didn't want anyone to see it and tried to take it away. I told her no, and kept looking. She resumed her play and about 10 minutes later the phone rang. I went to go get the phone and the moment that I was out of the room, she dropped what she was doing, grabbed the catalog on the couch and threw it on the ground...naughty! I still love her!

I know this was a random, tidbits of the day post...but that's all I've got today! Love! Jenn
Oh, and the pics...they are not uploading...I'll have to try again tomorrow.

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