Sunday, February 3, 2008

My new HOBBY!!!

I have a fun and fabulous new hobby...EXTREME COUPONING!!!! It is a blast! I joined a free site called "Hot Coupon World" ( and I'm totally hooked. The women (and a few men) on this site show you how to combine coupons with advertised specials, rebate and rewards programs to get your groceries, toiletries, items for free or next to free. They encourage you to build a stockpile of items, so that you can wait for the next sale. It is one more step to be a little more financially sound.

My favorite new store-CVS!!! The Extra Care bucks program is amazing! Here are a couple of my purchases and amounts from the last week:

This one cost me $18.00 out of pocket, but then I got $26.00 back in credits and essentially they paid me $8.00 to take all these items! :-)

The next one is from today. I ended up paying $7.00 for all of it, but ended up with $23.37 back in they paid me around $16.00 to take all of it.

It does take some focus and learning and a few trips to the store, but it is well worth it! You should check it out!


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