Monday, February 4, 2008

Catching up on Yan Yan news

I'm attempting to catch up on the latest Yan Yan news! Let me just say, she is one BUSY girl! I kind of thought we skipped a few of those "exploring" stages, but apparently she was just saving them up for me.

For a while, Yan would wake up a little earlier than me and just play nicely. Well, those days have passed. I must get up when she does, because she's no longer going to sit down and read a book. Over the holidays she did the following:

-Got up and found that I had left some glitter in a bag from a recent craft project. She "decorated" the house with it from living room to bedroom. She was so proud because it was "Pretty"! :-)

-Got ahold of the dishwashing detergent and covered the kitchen floor...apparently in an attempt to help mommy "Clean"!

-Keeps putting the remotes, refrigerator magnets and kleenex boxes in the fridge; especially the crisper. The remote has now been missing again for 2 days...and I cannot find it anywhere!

-The final "UH-OH" morning Yan had just woken up and I was drifting in and out of sleep. Something told me to get up immediately. I ran to the living room to find my creative daughter with 18 eggs (not hard boiled-just eggs from the fridge) spread out on the couch. She was playing with them. There must have been an "Egg Angel" because not one of them broke. When I saw her I just froze...didn't want to yell, scare her, or anything because she usually crushes them in her hands when she's trying to help me cook. I have laughed about it every day since then...she keeps me on my toes!

I'll post a couple of Christmas pics! Later! Jenn

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