Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Birthday Pics!

I thought I would post a few pics from Yan's actual 7th birthday. We are waiting until the weather warms up a little for a fun party with her friends. Our house is not too big and I think it would be nice if we could play outside during the party (at least for a while). It will, of course, be "Barney" themed...complete with a Barney cake and a dinosaur egg hunt!

On Yan's actual birthday we just spent the day together, and Yan went to see her favorite orthodontist, Dr. Mark. She enjoyed holding up 7 fingers to let everyone know how old she was! :-) Big Girl!!!

She also received a very special package in the mail from her foster family in Hong Kong. They sent her a new Chinese outfit and an electic guitar with a working microphone headset! She enjoys jamming on her guitar and singing! We are both so grateful for her wonderful foster family that she was given!

My gifts to her were some new "Signing Times" and a four foot slide that is now sitting in the middle of our living room. Though it may not add to the decor, it does wonders for getting out wiggles and energy in the middle of the winter! Love it!


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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Emily Yan! How great that you guys are still in touch with her foster family! I wish we were still around to celebrate in person with you guys.

I'm so glad you started doing the blog thing again. And VERY cool about the extreme couponing. I've been doing Walgreen's super saver's for awhile but never got more back on what I spent!