Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Heart Toward Jesus!

One of my greatest prayers for Yan is that she would come to know the Lord with all her heart. I have no idea what her mental capacity is, what theology she will understand and whether or not she will grasp all the concepts that others spend lifetimes trying to understand. But I do believe she, like any of us, can feel and accept God's grace, love and forgiveness. Who knows? Perhaps a simple acceptance of love is what we could all use.

Lately I've been noticing little signs that she is grasping some of what I've been teaching her about Jesus. She suddenly has a keen fascination with prayer. She is trying to say words and little phrases in the prayers. I've been trying to say my prayers throughout the day (when we see someone hurt, ambulances, fire trucks, those in need) outloud, so that she understands that we can pray about anything. She wants to pray more.

Tonight, as I was sorting and organizing toys (for a huge consignment sale next week) she found a little yellow duck that "prays". He quotes some of "Now I lay me down to sleep...". She was so excited and probably played it 20+times. Each time she would push his tummy, bow her head, fold her hands and try to repeat some of it. Then at the end, after "Amen" she would say her new favorite phrase "Good job".

I told her that Jesus loves to hear her pray. Then she motioned for me to come and sing "The B-I-B-L-E". I just think it's very cool that she is linking these things together. "The BIBLE" song doesn't have the name Jesus in it-but she made that connection.

She has such a sweet heart and spirit and genuine love...I just pray that this is a desire for Christ that will grow as she does. Jenn


Jenny said...

First of all, that picture is so touching. It goes perfectly with your title. Beautiful! God sure works in mysterious ways. Isn't it neat to see a child make such a powerful connection?

ginabad said...

That picture is SO beautiful!!

I totally relate, and while I'm on the fence about Jesus right now, I am deeply devoted to God. Teaching my 5 year old to pray and to say "help me God" when she's upset has been an up-and-down journey, but I'm hanging in there. I don't know what they understand at this age either, but I just teach them to be good and that God is their creator.

Praying FOR them right now is also a good way to get going, God will reach in and help, as long you model, model, model. :-)
gina b

Heather said...

This is just too sweet...