Sunday, February 1, 2009

R.I.P. Whu

Last week we were able to go to our local Chinese New Year celebration. Honestly it was a little overwhelming for Yan...they had loud Chinese drums and a lion, dragon and other dancers. Basically, she cried and screamed for the first hour but then calmed down. We sat at a table with a family that we had never met, the Rush family (It's always fun to make new friends :-). They were fun to talk to and have had many sets of students that they consider their "kids" from Hong fact they had recently been to Hong Kong.

At the end of the evening we found out that our centerpieces (which were fish) were available for us to bring home. Yan loves fish (especially thanks to "Elmo's World") and was thrilled. The moment I told her we could take the fish home, she signed "Eat fish"...before I knew it she fed the fish a nice serving of noodles. Mr. Rush was kind enough to fish the noodles off but suffice to say, some random bets were jokingly made on how long the fish would last. It was 17 degrees out, the heat in our car wasn't working, the fish was in an open bowl, he already had a lot of oil in his water thanks to the noodle dish...let's face it the odds were stacked against him.

On the way home I asked Yan what she wanted to name him. Expecting to hear, Dorothy, Elmo or Barney I was surprised when Yan just blew (like she was blowing out a candle)...I told her that I couldn't really blog that name, but since we got him at Chinese New Year we could improvise and give him a Chinese name of Whu. Whu has been a great fish for the last 8 days, he was fun to watch, he swam gracefully, he ate well...and today I think, I killed him. Do not put a fish in tap water, even if you are just cleaning his big bowl (okay, it's a vase) out...dead an hour later.

Yan didn't take it too hard...she said, "Bye Whu" and I made her stay in the other room while I "flushed"...sooooo sad! So for your pleasure today, Chinese New Year and "Whu" pictures...RIP good buddy...enjoy the big fishbowl in the sky!


Jill Johnson said...

That is a riot! Poor little Whu. Alex talked me out of it as he thought it would be just too tempting for Sam to see that golden treat in a bowl. For a big cat, he can jump pretty high. ;) I'm glad Yan took it okay. I wish we could've sat together and visited!

Jodi Rush said...

The Rush Family is honored to be included in the entry about Yan's Chinese New Year and Whu's short, but eventful, life. We would love to stay in touch! Hope you have a good week!!

Amber said...

You KNOW this made me smile...right? Man did I need this!
BTW...thanks for the coupons...I have not been "fit" for conversation...but getting there.

Amy said...

I nominated you for a blog award! Stop by my blog and pick it up!:)

Tracy said...

thank you jen!!! we are so excited, too!! it's so hard to wait!

levi loves fish thanks to elmo, too....and i've also killed one in tap water.....a hard lesson. :(

yan is so precious!

Jennifer said...

Been there done that... lol