Friday, April 4, 2008

More Words!!

Last night we left gymnastics class (which Yan adores!) and had to stop at CVS to get some allergy meds on the way home. I was debating on whether I should run through McD's to get some food, or be good, and make something at home. I said, should we go get french fries or go home? (1/2 talking to myself) Then I just said, you know what, we can go home and eat. Yan adamantly replied, "NO, CHICKEN!" I was shocked and said, "You want chicken nuggets" and she said, "Yesssssss"! Wooohoooooo...she said "chicken". So, off to the drive thru we went.

I do realize that I'm creating a new problem by giving her all these new goodies that she is finally asking for...but alas, I will deal with that later, because we are having a great word week!!!

Yeah God! Jenn

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Jenny said...

Yay for Yan! Those are all great words! Both of my daughter's love McDonald's and chicken nuggets are their favorite. In fact, Jaidyn told her preschool teachers that she eats chicken nuggets for breakfast...she wishes!

As far as the rewards/treats go, I am with you and all about whatever works! Let her enjoy her progress. :)