Sunday, March 30, 2008

One Word

Yan is up way past her bedtime tonight-but for a very good reason. I put a Barney on for her to watch before she went to bed and after it was over she ran into my office. I said, "Yan it's time for you to go to bed". She said, "No". I asked, "Oh, do you want more Barney?", she replied with, "NO, Sesame"!!!! :-) AHHHHHH, music to this mama's ears.

To some a new word is a daily or even hourly occurance...but she has been working on the word "Sesame" (for Sesame Street) for a couple of weeks now. And she finally said it!! I cheered, clapped, praised her for talking and, of course, put on a "Sesame Street"! :-)

You would think that because I'm a Speech Pathologist I would understand how precious words are. I remember a few of my little clients saying their first words and their moms melting into a pile of tears. I was excited for them; I clapped and cheered, but man, I never knew how excited my heart would feel when it was my child struggling to get a word out.

I really and truely am trying to raise Yan without my "expectations". I don't want to limit her, expect too much or too little from her, or miss out on anything God is trying to say to or through her as we go through life. However, no matter how hard I've tried...I still fall short. Somewhere deep in my mind I have thought, well surely Yan will talk. I talk constantly, I'm a Speech path, I've helped other people talk-she just will. But it is probably the thing that is consistently the hardest for her.

I can see the wheels turning in her head as she struggles to make a word or even sound. She has so much to say, but her mouth is still not in sync with her head sometimes. So we will work, wait, pray and rejoice for each little victory! God is good and I'm so glad that I can savor every moment!
Hugs, Jenn

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ginabad said...

Ah, Jenn, I know that feeling. Of course, Zoe is mostly making sounds, not full words, but when she does eke out a sub-whisper (down,cookie, nana for banana), it's heaven. My favorite was the Barney song (oo la mm, ah la oo...).

God is helping me not only to accept but to actually relish life in the slow lane.
gina b