Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thanks for the Prayers!

Thank you all for the prayers for Yan's adenoid and ear tube surgery. She did great during the surgery but had a really rough day yesterday. Something (most likely the pain meds) made her sick and she vomitted most of yesterday. She didn't sleep much last night, but appears to be feeling a little better and is, at least, drinking again today.

We're just going to continue to rest and recooperate. Thank you for the prayers!


Rhonda said...

Keep the water intake up!! It's so important! I had a hard time getting Zech to drink, I even had to use a syringe. Keeping Yan in our prayers!

Jill Johnson said...

Poor sweet Yannie! I hope she gets some super extra yummy treats to sooth her throat! Praying for you both! I hope she'll be up to par and able to make CNY!