Sunday, October 12, 2008

Reasons why I'm tired, or a record of the week!

So, maybe my new plan should be just to get one good post in a week...perhaps I could meet that goal. It's been a busy one folks. Yan has had me hopping lately.

About a week ago she decided to try climbing up on the table. I have no idea why, but I was startled by a large thud and screams. She seemed like she was really hurt and continued to cry for a long time. This is unusual for her, so I checked her over really well (I thought) and found nothing. She finally settled down and we went to gymnastics. She was fine the next day, but the following morning woke up and signed "help" when trying to put on her glasses. I thought her hair was just caught and tried to get them on her. Then I felt something sticky in her hair and wondered what she got into...thinking it was food, I went to pick it out until I saw blood everywhere. Here her glasses had sliced the top of her ear when she fell off the table...I felt HORRIBLE!!! With her long, dark hair I had totally missed it. That sealed the deal, no mommy of the year award this year. Can I tell you how happy I will be when she communicates exactly what is wrong??? It ended up getting infected and so she had to go on antibiotics to clear it up and go without glasses for several days. But, the good news looks good now!

We've also been battling those first colds of the season right now as well. Thankfully hers cleared up with the meds...mine not so much. Still trying to sleep it off, which reminds me I need to go to bed soon!

Later in the week I decided that it would be fun to have Yan and Baby A paint pumpkins. I don't know what exactly I was thinking when I gave the 15 month old and Yan a paintbrush at the same time, but I can tell you that poison control was called before the end of the painting session (thank the Lord that the kids paints are really nontoxic) and a dual bath was given. However, they LOVED it!

We made a trip to Chick-Fil-A this week before gymnastics. Yan was very thrilled that she finally got to meet "THE COW". He was gigantic and she kept running over to hug him. I was thrilled that she was not scared. Yeah Yan!!

Today we had an eventful time as well. I had to run in to the bank at Publix and ended up seeing a friend. Because I wasn't really shopping I didn't have a cart, and Yan has been doing so much better about staying with me that I didn't think I would need one. However, I started to chat with the friend and Yan started to wander. She came back and then would wander but come back again. All of the sudden she didn't come back. I couldn't see her, I realized she ran to the front and panic struck. I was pacing the front of the store, then ran to the parking lot, then ran back in. By this point the friend, a manager and I were all looking. The manager said, "Well, we can page her". I explained that she would most likely not answer the page! She said, if you don't find her right away we're closing down the store for a "Code Adam". Thankfully, Lisa, my friend found her and was headed down the aisle towards me! Does she know how many new grey hairs will sprout up tomorrow morning??? Oy!

After that, we went to a "Special Olympics" open house. Yan will be eligible to participate in January. She may start with gymnastics because wonderful Miss Stacey (her gymnastics teacher) is the coach. But man, those other athletes looked so much older compared to her! It was heartwarming to see so many people, some with different abilities, some not...playing, laughing and just being together.

So, here's the best part...the pics. Oh, and I thought I would throw in a couple extras. "Dress-Up" is still one of Yan's favorite activities, as is twirling...enjoy!!


Amber said...

I need a rest after just reading all of that! You crazy woman you.
Thank you for the phone call and messages! I so wanted everyone to know what was going on, I just wanted to do it telepathically! I hope that this week is a little less eventful for you.

Cindy said...

Hey Jennifer...whew...lots going on there! Ah, I just slammed my 2 year old's finger in the door less than two hours ago, so I'm thinkin I just lost the Mother of the Year award, as well. I think I may need to take her in to have it xrayed, but she fell asleep while I was comforting her so we'll just see.
I love Yan's t-shirt, btw! That is awesome!
Hope to see you soon!

Heather said...

That made tired too! Whew! She's a busy gal!

Oatsvall Team said...

wow, you got a lot accomplished ... the painting put me over the edge ... i don't like paint because my kids make the biggest mess ..

have a great week ...