Friday, October 31, 2008

Fall Pics and such!

Sorry for the delay in writing...I thought Yan was better, then she got it again...she finally seems to be getting over it now. We were able to go to a fun party at "My Gym" (the fabulous kids fitness center where Yan takes classes. Miss Stacey is her wonderful teacher (dressed like the "Fairy for a Cure") and will also be her coach for the Special Olympics Gymnastics team that will start in January.) We also went "Trunk or Treating" with our friends Charles, Rebecca, Zara, Zena and Zola. Yan LOVED it!! She was so excited to collect all the goodies. The crazy thing is she just does not love candy. She's only had one piece. (I wish I could say the same ;-)

We welcomed fall by baking a "Fall Cake"...see, I can give a reason to bake a cake any day. Aside from pouring and mixing, Yan helped with the sprinkles. There were some yummy pieces that contained at least an inch of sprinkles on them...yummmmmy!

And then, you'll notice the Christmas in Kmart pictures. "You know your mom is an online toy seller...when you're comfortable posing for Christmas pictures in Kmart while shopping." Oy...should be a fun season!


~ Lisa ~ said...

Jenn, such cute pictures of Yan :) I LOVE the one in the ball pit! Eli is the same way about candy - he has no desire for it - I'll eat his!

Cindy said...

Barney! Of course! She's adorable! And looks like fun.

Amber said...

So much fun!!! I HAVE to tell you...the girls have discovered Bar-Bar and you know I think of your "lover of Barney" every time he is on!
LOVE the pics and have thought of you Soooooooooooooooooo often!

Jenny said...

I would have guessed Yan would pick Barney. Too cute!

I wish my girls didn't like candy. They woke up today thinking I would let them have it for breakfast...NOT!

Christmas online toy sales...just the thought of it makes me cringe. I just hate it. I am thinking a scaling back this year, but maybe I will be more motivated once I get my Christmas holiday decorations out mid November. And we could also use the extra money to put towards our adoption.

Jill Johnson said...

I really can't stand Barney, but I'll make an exception for your adorable purple dino. =) I love the one with the Z girls, too! And Mallory's the same...I gave her a bite of Kit Kat, she swished it around her mouth a bit, then out it came on her princess sweater. =p Thankfully we just didn't get too much or Mom would be sitting here eating it now. Sorry we missed out on pumpkin-ing together.

The Feasters said...

What a cute Barney! I love your new blog design too!

LaLa said...

So cute...I love seeing her and the Z girls. I didn't expect to see Miss Stacy though..she is Annslee's teacher too : )