Monday, June 30, 2008

Today's reason why I'm turning grey at the age of 33!

Took Yan in for her last day of testing today. I had planned on coming home, but then realized we were later than planned and we were both hungry. So, we decided to stop and eat some fast food. I got our food, sat down at the table, ate for a while then needed something from the counter. I said, "Yan, sit right here-I am going to go get something from the counter". I could totally see her from where I was standing and she just sat there quietly eating. Then a lady at the counter went to help me and I turned around for less than a minute. Turned back around, Yan was GONE! Quickly scoured the restaurant, not there, went out to the playground, not there. Ran back inside was completely in a panic...others started to notice. I'm asking, "Have you seen my daughter?" At least I can say, "She's Chinese with Down Syndrome"...let's face it, it's descriptive. People start getting up to help me look when all of the sudden, guess who walks out of the men's bathroom with her skirt stuck in her pull-up?! How in the world??!!! Bad mommy, no turning around!

On a side note, thanks for the thoughts from some of you guys on the recent tough times. Thank you Tina for calling-I cannot wait to meet you and Izzy next week! Things have improved some, but just praying that they continue to. We've also recently begun new therapies and though they will be very beneficial in the long-term, it's always hard to get into a new schedule and groove. I appreciate the continued prayers!! Hugs! Jenn


Amber said...

O.K. I felt panic at first, but then a smile came over......she went potty??? What a big girl!

Heather said...

Oh how scary!!! I felt unnerved just reading about it.

And I bet she was completely oblivious to the scare and just proud of herself for going potty! Kids are so funny.


Mrs. Garner said...

I can totally relate. Reed likes to wander off too. It just about makes your heart stop! Glad she popped out of the bathroom :) She was just taking care of business.

The Feasters said...

Sorry about the panic you experienced but I am laughing so hard right now. I can just see her coming out of the bathroom, expecting a big cheer for going potty.