Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday!

Well I was so nicely reminded by a friend :-) that I had not updated in a very long here goes, at least a brief snip-it! First and foremost, thanks for your prayers for Grace! She is battling some fluid around her heart right now, but has otherwise been a total rock star! God is good!

We've just been busy little bees. I've started a new job part-time and Yan has continued to keep me hopping! She is growing up so quickly that it makes me sad sometimes. She is SO independent...trying new things every day! She continues to love dress-up as you'll see in the pictures!

We are going to an egg hunt with our Chinese Adoption Group tomorrow...I will take pictures.

Remember the reason for this fabulous Easter...Jesus Christ came to earth sinless, died on a cross and rose again...all for YOU...all so that YOU can live forever!!! That is the best gift imaginable! Make sure you've accepted it!!!



Chrissy said...

She is a beautiful dress up queen. And I am so thankful for our Lord....Praise him high!

Jill Johnson said...

Yannie is a fashionista!;) Wish we could be there for the group egg hunt! But we'll be huntin' with our cousins. Have fun!

Holly said...

Hope you had a good Easter! Looks like your daughter had fun dressing up, she looks like me when I was little! :P

Jenny said...

Glad to see an update...I was getting a little worried about you guys, but figured you were probably very busy. Yes, they grow up fast, don't they?